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Interesting Dogecoin Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know About 

If you are planning to invest in Dogecoin, you are in for a fun time. The meme coin has gained its popularity in the form of a joke, and investors have made big investments in it also. The coin came into the market in 2014, and the founder deliberately misspelled the word ‘dog’ as ‘doge’ to make it funny. Interesting, right? Here are some other interesting facts about Dogecoin that you would like to know. 

1. Markus Gave Up All Of His Coins 

Billy Markus, the founder of Dogecoin, tweeted one day in 2015 that he had sold all of his Dogecoins. Did you have any idea about it? He also wrote down that he used the money from his coins to buy a Honda Civic in his tweet. 

2. It Is A Miracle Of Just 2 Hours 

You will not believe what Billy Marcus said when one of the buyers asked him how the coin could become more efficient. He tweeted back that the creation of Dogecoin was just a matter of 2 hours, and he did not take any such considerations that would contribute to making the coin more efficient. 

3. It’s All-Time High Price Might Baffle You

It might come as a shocker to you that this famous meme coin just went up to $0.74 in its entire life. The market cap also reached an all-time high of $93 billion on that particular day. So, if you wish to contribute to the growth of Dogecoin, visit Quantumai to invest today. 

3. The Dog You See Is Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is a Japanese hunting breed dog that has been incorporated into the logo of Dogecoin. We know it sounds strange because another coin is known as Shiba Inu. But, you will be excited to know that many other dog-based coins came out after the launch of Dogecoin. 

4. The Huge Dogecoin Community 

Since it is a meme coin and we know how much our audience loves memes, they have a very big community. Their community has its beliefs about Dogecoin set straight. They believe in the bright future of the coin. This explains how determined their prospects are. 

5. It Might Be Your Favourite Celebrity’s Favourite 

Dogecoin has made its name in the celebrity’s eyes. Elon Musk even got the nickname ‘The Dogefather’ because he got so invested in it. Snoop Dogg is also a big Dogecoin lover and a part of the Dogecoin investment community. Another fan of Dogecoin is Kevin Jonas from the famous Jonas Brothers band. 

6. The Supply Is Boundless

Dogecoin has an unlimited supply which is not the case with most the Cryptos. Right now, the supply of Dogecoin stands at 129 billion, which is a lot more than the other famous ones. It’s great, right?

Become a part of the most famous meme coin community and help it become bigger. You can enjoy the Tiktok challenges that their community enjoys and contribute to pushing the price upwards. 

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