Intel’s Xe-HP GPUs Won’t be available on the Market, Limited to SW Dev of oneAPI

Intel won’t be bringing its Xe-HP GPUs to the retail (or enterprise) market. This was shared by the company’s Graphics Lead Raja Koduri who shared that the Xe-HP SKUs are deployed in oneAPI devcloud and leveraged as a software development vehicle for oneAPI and Aurora Supercomputer. The chipmaker doesn’t intend to produce the Xe-HP parts commercially.

At present, Intel is prioritizing the production and manufacture of the Xe-HPG (High-Performance Gaming) and HPC (Ponte Vecchio) over Xe-HP. The former is slated to debut in early 2022 while the latter is going to power the Aurora Supercomputer, among others.

The Xe-HP’s story was short. Announced in August 2020 at the Architecture Day exhibition, it was retired (in a way) without ever entering the market.┬áThis means that Intel won’t have a competitor to NVIDIA’s Quadro and AMD’s Radeon PRO lineup for the time being.


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