Intel’s Gen 12 Xe Integrated Graphics Featured on Tiger Lake to be 2x Faster than Gen11 on Ice Lake, Expected to Beat AMD Renoir Laptops

According to a 3Dmark benchmark obtained by Notebook Check, Intel’s Gen 12 Xe graphics set to be featured on Tiger Lake will be twice as fast as existing Gen 11 iGPUs on Ice Lake. Tiger Lake-U is expected to launch later this year alongside the Rocket Lake desktop chips for sub-25W notebooks. This can be seen as a response to AMD’s recently launched Renoir laptops which feature a 7nm implementation of the Vega GPUs.

As you can see, Intel’s Gen12 graphics will not feature a much higher IPC but a higher shader count as well. The 28W Tiger Lake i7 paired with 96 Gen12 EUs is more than twice as fast compared to the Iris Plus graphics present on the 10th Gen Ice Lake Core i7-1065G7.

This means that the Gen12 Xe graphics will get a hefty frequency boost along with IPC improvements that should give AMD’s Vega GPUs in Renoir laptops a run for their money. Luckily, Tiger Lake will be limited to sub-25W notebooks. The high-performance notebook market will continue to be served by the 14nm Comet Lake and possibly Rocket Lake parts. While the former is still limited to Intel’s Gen 9.5 graphics architecture the latter will most likely come with Gen11 which is unlikely to beat the 7nm Vega graphics featured on AMD’s Renoir laptops.

The Gen 12 graphics powering Tiger Lake will be the same GPU as the DG1 that Intel showed off at CES 2020. The first generation of Xe GPUs is going to be limited to integrated mobile offerings. It’s unlikely that we’ll see a desktop-grade Xe graphics card anytime soon.


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