Intel’s Desktop Platform Revenue in Q2 2020 Fell by $460 Million Amid Strong Ryzen Sales and Lower Demand

Intel’s overall Q2 revenue report may have been positive, but not all segments did as well as the rest. The desktop platform which is part of the Client Computing Group (CCG) saw a massive drop of $460 million (nearly half a billion) amid intensive competition from AMD and lower-than-expected demand.

Compared to last year, this is a drop of 14% or $460 billion YoY, the exact opposite of AMD’s fortunes in the desktop market as of late. On the bright side, the notebook platform was up by 9%, thanks to strong demand due to pandemic. The WFH and SAH lifestyles have bolstered OEM sales this quarter and that is expected to last for the remainder of the year.

Although the average prices of desktop CPUs grew, it was only able to offset the drop by around $61 million. The average sales prices (ASP) were up in both the laptop and desktop segments which helped increases Intel’s overall CCG revenue by $655 million, nearly the same amount as the drop in desktop sales. This basically highlights that despite a revenued focus on servers and data centers, the PC market still accounts for a major chunk of Intel’s overall revenue.


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