Intel’s Core i5-9600K Drops to $192: A Decent Gaming CPU Under $200

Intel’s Core i5-9600K has dropped to an all-time low of $192, something that should have happened months ago. This puts it nearly on the same level as AMD’s Ryzen 5 3600/3600X processors. Although the Zen 2 chips still offer better multi-threaded performance with a significant lead in content creation workloads such as video editing and rendering, the Core i5 isn’t a bad choice for gamers. That is if you already have an older LGA1151 board.

If you don’t have a motherboard and need to buy the entire system, you better off with a Ryzen 3000-B550/X570 combo, or perhaps simply wait a bit. With the 4th Gen Ryzen and Intel Rocket Lake-S processors set to arrive in the next six months or so, buying an older 400-series motherboard would be a disaster.

However, if you already have an 8th Gen non-K Coffee Lake part or simply happen to have a spare LGA1151 motherboard lying around, this is a deal worth considering. You can check out the Core i5-9600K on Amazon.


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