Intel’s Alder Lake-X CPUs with 56 Cores are Being Prepped for Launch in the Coming Months

The benchmarking and analysis application AIDA64 Extreme has recieved preliminary support for Intel’s upcoming Alder Lake-X workstation processors. Based on a chiplet architecture, these high-end desktop chips will feature up to 56 cores across four dies. Each die will consist of 20 cores, one disabled each to bolster yields.

Via: Mydrivers

This is Intel’s first proper response to AMD’s Threadripper that launched with the Zen family back in late 2017. These are also the chipmaker’s first tile-based consumer processors, a major departure from the 18-core monolithic Cascade Lake-X offerings which flopped harder than a fish out of water.

You can expect a launch sometime this summer with a possible unveil at Computex late next month.


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