Intel’s 11th Gen Tiger Lake-U CPUs will Have a TDP of 28W; 10th Gen Ice Lake Was 15W

Intel is expected to launch its 11th Gen Tiger Lake mobile processors in the coming months to take on AMD’s new Renoir parts. Based on the 10nm++ node and the Willow Cove core architecture, TGL-U is going to offer markedly higher single-threaded performance and a massively upgraded graphics processor. ( Preliminary estimates show a gain of as much as 2x compared to Ice Lake (Gen11) and 4x over Comet Lake (Gen9.5). According to some newly surfaced data, to obtain these gains, Intel will raise the TDP of the Tiger Lake-U CPUs from 15W to 28W.


Normally 15W notebook chips have a cTDP of 25W, but most OEMs stick to the default 15W state for PL1. Recently, a leaked 3DMark listing of Tiger Lake included a CPU with a boost clock of 5GHz. Achieving that kind of boost clocks on the 10nm node seems unlikely. Perhaps that’s why the TDP was raised to 28W. The overhauled iGPU may also be the reason for the increased TDP. While Ice Lake featured 64EUs, Tiger Lake is going to pack as many as 96EUs with the effective performance of Gen12 units being twice as much as the Gen11 parts powering Ice Lake.


Whatever the case may be, the Gen12 graphics featured on Tiger lake will be the first iteration of the much awaited Xe graphics architecture. And from what we’ve already seen, it’ll certainly be an interesting product.



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