Intel’s 11th Gen Rocket Lake-S CPUs Show a 15% IPC Gain Compared to 10th Gen Comet Lake

Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot about Intel’s 11th Gen Rocket Lake-S processors, from specifications to leaked benchmarks. Not really surprising considering that the initial announcement is just a few weeks away (CES 2021), but it does make you wonder whether these “leaks” are premeditated or…something else.


Regardless, thanks to a Cinebench R20 benchmark which was shared by @harukaze on Twitter, we have a fairly good idea of the IPC gain we ought to expect from the new Cypress core architecture set to debut with Rocket Lake.

Despite featuring a paltry boost clock of just 4.3GHz, the Core i7-11700 ES manages to beat all existing Intel parts in the Cinebench R20 1T benchmark. Comparing it against the similarly clocked Core i5-10400, we can conclude an IPC uplift of 16-17% with Cypress Cove. Keep in mind that the final boost clock on the 11700 is likely going to be somewhere between 4.6-4.8GHz with the K variant boosting as high as 5.3-5.4GHz. At those clocks, we’re bound to see a score in the 600-650 range, right alongside the Ryzen 5000 parts.


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