Intel’s 10nm Ice Lake-SP Reportedly Delayed to Q1 2021

As per a Digitimes report, Intel’s 10nm Ice Lake-SP server processors may have been delayed to the first quarter of 2021 from Q4 2020. The info comes from the backend partners who have started decelerating Q4 orders as they anticipate a delay in the launch of the next-gen CPUs.

The report states that Intel has already notified its partners of this delay, and a public announcement may come at the company’s Q3 earnings report. This wouldn’t be the first time Intel has delayed a 10nm product line. Ice Lake-SP was originally slated to release 2019, then pushed to early 2020 and now early 2021.

Intel’s original roadmap

The company has already announced a delay of 6 months in its 7nm Sapphire Rapids processors which are now officially releasing in late 2022. Considering the latest delay, there’s a chance that SPR will also be delayed by another quarter or so.

In the client segment, Intel launched the Tiger Lake-U lineup earlier this month, with octa-core variants of the same chips leveraging LPDDR5/DDR5 memory expected to arrive early next year with the 45W Tiger Lake-H stack also releasing during the same interval. The desktop-grade Alder Lake-S CPUs leveraging the hybrid core architecture are planned for a late 2021 launch, with the same architecture coming to mobile in early 2022.


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