Intel Xe Iris Max “DG1” Graphics Card Will only Work with Low-end and Budget Range Intel Boards

This morning Intel launched its first discrete graphics card in the form of the paltry Iris Max, otherwise known as the DG1. However, it turns out that this part will only be compatible with select processors and motherboards. As per a statement from Intel to Legit Reviews, the Iris Xe discrete GPU will only be compatible with the Coffee Lake-S (9th Gen) and Comet Lake-S 10th Gen) processors.

The Iris Xe discrete add-in card will be paired with 9th gen (Coffee Lake-S) and 10th gen (Comet Lake-S) Intel® Core™ desktop processors and Intel(R) B460, H410, B365, and H310C chipset-based motherboards and sold as part of pre-built systems. These motherboards require a special BIOS that supports Intel Iris Xe, so the cards won’t be compatible with other systems.

Intel to LR

Furthermore, only the B460, H410, B365, and H310C chipset-based motherboards will be able to run them which seriously narrows down the list of systems OEMs can pair these GPUs with. The way we see it, it’s likely that Intel will prompt SEs to use these parts with Celeron/Pentium based 9th and 10th processors. Not much else to go with.


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