Intel Xe-HPG (DG2) Spotted w/ 128 CUs/1,024 Cores in Ashes Escalation

A GPU from Intel’s upcoming Xe-HPG lineup (known as DG2) has been spotted in the Ashes of the Singularity benchmark database. The part in question is a 128EU part, meaning it has a total shader (ALU) count of 1,024 cores, slightly more than the (96EU) top-end Gen12 Xe part featured on Tiger Lake-U and H35 SKUs:


In terms of performance, it’s hard to draw any concrete conclusions as the driver is still immature and the score is a moderate 37 FPS at the lowest graphics preset at 1080p. Furthermore, it’s worthwhile to note that the game is GPU bound in most batches here, despite being paired with a midrange CPU, the Core i5-9600K.

Intel’s Xe-HPG graphics cards are going to be fabbed on TSMC’s 7nm class process with GDDR6 memory and we’re looking at a late 2021 or early 2022 launch, most likely after Alder Lake-S hits retail.


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