Intel Xe GPU with 1,024 Shaders and 3GB VRAM Spotted

An SiSoft benchmark of a 1,024 core Intel Xe Gen 12 discrete graphics card has been spotted (shared by @apisak on Twitter). It’s unclear whether this chip is part of the XPG gaming lineup or a test sample, but it’s a low-end dGPU either way.

There are a total of 128 CUs, resulting in a total of 1,024 shaders or ALUs, paired with 1MB of L2 cache and 3GB of dedicated graphics memory. Each Gen 12 Compute Unit packs two pairs of four ALUs, one for FP32|INT32 and the other for FP|EM. You can read more about that here.

The GPU has an operating clock of 1.40GHz which is pretty tame considering that most contemporary desktop parts top out at least 1.7GHz. Then again, this is most likely an early sample, so clocks should gradually increase as we near the final launch date.

This GPU is roughly 50% faster than a 96 EU Gen12 part running at 1.55GHz, so we’re looking at a discrete graphics card that’s 70-80% faster than the Tiger Lake G7 integrated graphics at the very least. Past rumors have claimed that Intel’s upcoming graphics cards will use the chiplet design with each module called a tile.

A tile will reportedly pack up to 512 EUs or 4,096 shaders which honestly should be ample for a mid-range gaming graphics card. A four-tile GPU which will bring that count up to 2,000 EUs or 16,000 cores sounds unlikely at this point. Furthermore, there’s also the matter of synchronizing the workload between the various GPU chiplets which till now hasn’t been achieved.


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