Intel Xe Gen12 HP GPU w/ 4,096 Shaders and 6GB VRAM Spotted on Geekbench

An Intel Xe Gen12 HP (high-performance) GPU has been spotted on Geekbench with as many as 512 EUs or 4,096 shaders. The device is paired with 6GB of memory and runs at a core clock of 1.15GHz which is pretty decent for such a large die (or dies).


The Intel Xe HP GPUs will primarily serve the Data Center and server market as AI or neural net accelerators, with a possible lineup for content creators, competing with the NVIDIA Quadro family.

The Intel Xe HP GPUs will use the EMIB interconnect, indicating that we’ll likely see a chiplet design with as many as four dies on a package. The above GPU most probably features two dies and is a mid-range part. The Xe HP GPU lineup will be fabbed on Intel’s 10nm Enhanced SuperFin process. In comparison, the Xe HPG (Gaming) parts will leverage a third-party foundry. Both the lineups are slated for a launch in 2021.


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