Intel Working on a Cheaper 10-Core i9 Processor to Tackle the Ryzen 9 3900XT

Intel seems to be working on another variant of the Comet Lake-based Core i9 processor. Like the 10900K, the new chip will also be a ten-core part named the Core i9-10850K. Except for the clocks, both the CPUs have identical specs: 10 cores, 20 threads and 20MB of shared L3 cache.

The difference is in terms of the core frequencies. Where the Core i9-10900K has a base clock of 2.8GHz and a maximum TVB boost of 5.3GHz, the 10850K will be limited to 5.2GHz. Keep in mind that the real-world boost will likely be lower as in the case of most 10th Gen chips. Regardless, the latter is 100MHz slower than the present Comet Lake-S flagship. Geekbench reports a base clock of 3.6GHz but I it may be a bit off. The Core i9-10850K can be seen as Intel’s first response to AMD’s upcoming Ryzen 3000 XT processors. You may read about that here:

AMD Ryzen 3000 Refresh Prices Leak Out: 3600XT, 3800XT & 3900XT Specs


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