Intel Uses MacBook Pro to Advertise Tiger Lake-U CPUs in Poster

Intel has had its good days and bad, along with more than its fair share of marketing blunders. However, this one today is quite peculiar and seems to be the result of ignorance/carelessness on the part of the advertisement department. Intel has been promoting its Tiger Lake-U CPUs (based on the 10nm SuperFin and Willow Cove core) on Reddit using a poster of a MacBook Pro. Although the Apple logo has been removed, it’s actually a picture of the MacBook from the Getty Images Library, and also includes a Magic mouse next to it.

The heading of the poster says, “The World’s Best Processor on a Thin and Light Notebook”, and the notes at the bottom mention the Core i7-1185G7. However, the MacBook Pro is powered by the older Skylake-based processors and will soon be replaced by Apple’s in-house Arm-based silicon.

Considering that Intel has been criticizing Apple in recent marketing campaigns, this little oopsie is pretty embarrassing and is akin to using a picture of your former lover to show off a new one.

Via: Reddit

Areej Syed

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