Intel to Provide More Details on its 7nm Node Production on the 26th of July

In a blog post, Intel has announced that it will be providing a roadmap update on its advanced process nodes (we’re assuming the 7nm node which was delayed to 2023) and packaging technologies on the 26th of July. The chipmaker will be holding a webcast with the CEO Patrick Gelsinger and Dr. Ann Kelleher (VP and GM of Technology Development) at 2 p.m. PDT, Monday, July 26.

Like many of Intel’s previous announcements, this one is also aimed at improving the momentum of IDM 2.0. However considering recent news though, it’s also possible that the company will detail its outsourcing plans. Either way, we should get a better idea of how Intel plans to design its future processor lineups, most notably Meteor Lake.

Intel is accelerating its annual cadence of innovation with new advancements in semiconductor process and packaging as part of its IDM 2.0 strategy

Join a webcast with CEO Pat Gelsinger and Dr. Ann Kelleher, senior vice president and general manager of Technology Development, where they will provide a deeper look at Intel’s process and packaging roadmaps. 

Source: Intel


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