Intel to Offer Insurance for Overclocking the Core i9-10900K: Only for the CPU, not the Mobo or your House

Intel’s 10th Gen processors may offer the best single-threaded performance but there have been a lot of concerns over the power draw and thermals, especially regarding the unlocked K series chips. Overclocking a chip that hits 90 degrees on a 240mm AIO cooler is not going to be easy. Even more so if the power draw of the CPU exceeds that of the GPU and the rest of the system combined. To pacify overclockers and enthusiasts, Intel has brought back its protection plan for the 9th and 10th Gen K series chips. By paying a small sum, you are essentially insuring your chip in case it burns down your house while overclocking.

By paying just $20-30, you can essentially go all crazy with your brand new Intel chip without worrying about potential chip damages. For the 9th and 10th Gen consumer lineup, it’s a mere $19.99 while for the Cascade Lake-X chips it’s slightly more @ $29.99. However, keep in mind that it doesn’t ensure your motherboard or VRM in case they don’t make it through the torture session.


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