Intel to Leverage “Improved CPU Cache” for Better Gaming Performance w/ 13th Gen Core Lineup

In a rather unexpected move, Intel appears to have taken another page from AMD’s rule-book to improve the gaming performance of its future processors. According to a roadmap shared by VideoCardz, the company will be launching its 13th Gen Core lineup for both the desktop and mobile markets sometime in late 2022. Codenamed Raptor Lake, these chips are essentially a refresh of the upcoming 12th Gen Alder Lake CPUs, with some improvements here and there.

One of these is the inclusion of an improved CPU cache for gaming for desktop CPUs. It’s unclear what this actually means. It could simply be a large L3 cache similar to AMD’s “Game Cache” which is a well-known method to improve gaming performance if the inter-core communication isn’t ideal (which will likely be the case with Alder Lake and Raptor Lake). Or, it could be the inclusion of a moderate-sized but super-fast (low-latency) L3 cache which should technically also improve the gaming performance but considering the economics is quite unlikely.

On the mobile side, we’re looking at an improved power delivery mechanism and support for LPDDR5X memory, up from standard LPDDR5.

Source: VCZ


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