Intel to Launch 500 Series Mobos for Rocket Lake-S in March: No HEDT CPUs in 2021

As per a report from HD Technologia, Intel will be launching its 500 series motherboards for the upcoming Rocket Lake CPUs in March. These boards will come with support for PCIe 4.0 and backward compatibility with the existing Comet Lake-S parts. In comparison, only some 400 series boards launch with the 10th Gen lineup will be updated to support the PCIe 4.0.


As expected, the Rocket Lake-S processors will also launch alongside the 500 series motherboards in March 2021. There will be four motherboard lineups, with the Z590, H570, B560, and H510 chipsets. There will also be a W580 chipset for workstations with support for ECC and other additional features.

Furthermore, the Rocket Lake-S processors will retain the LGA1200 socket and will work on existing 400 series boards. Likewise, the older 10th Gen chips will also be compatible with the newer boards.

There’s one surprising hole in Intel’s desktop client roadmap, and that’s with respect to the HEDT lineup. It looks like the X299 Cascade Lake-X will be the company’s only offering for professionals and enthusiasts for the remainder of 2021. Seeing that Ice Lake-SP has been delayed to early 2021, we most likely won’t be seeing the X399 platform for quite some time. It’s possible that the next offering will launch alongside Alder Lake-S in early 2022.


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