Intel to Detail its 14th Gen Meteor Lake, Arrow Lake CPUs Featuring 3D Stacking in Late August

Intel will be sharing the architectural details of its 14th Gen Meteor Lake/Arrow Lake processors at Hotchips in late August. Leveraging a tiled (chiplet) packaging technology in addition to 3D stacking (Foveros), these CPUs will mark a drastic shift in the chipmaker’s approach to manufacturing. Team Blue will be adopting a modular chiplet design for its entire 14th Gen family, allowing for greater scalability and lower production costs.

Both Meteor Lake and Arrow Lake will be a chiplet design with 3D stacking and heterogeneous compute. Intel will be pairing its in-house 4nm and 2A compute dies with TSMC’s 3nm iGPU die in a rather complex floorplan. The SoC and the IO tiles will likely be fabbed on the more mature 14nm node. These will be connected using EMIB with the CPU tiled stacked using Foveros.


Arrow Lake will be a more complex design with an even more scalable floorplan, including 20A compute, 3nm iGPU, memory, I/O, accelerator, and perhaps even on-die memory for mobile devices. Intel plans on launching Meteor Lake in 2023, and Arrow Lake in 2024.


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