Intel to Build $100 Billion Production Facility in Magdeburg, Germany [Report]

Intel may have finally decided on the site of its European megafab. Following the Ohio facility announcement, the chipmaker further plans to expand its production capacity in Europe with an aim to bring (part of the) supply chain back to the west. According to MDR, the multi-fab facility will be built in Magdeburg. Saxony-Anhalt’s employer president Marco Langhof had previously promoted Magdeburg as a location.¬†Magdeburg is ideal for setting up a massive supply chain because of its attractive commercial hubs, and a reputed university regularly generating untapped talent.

Like the Ohio site, Intel plans to invest close to $100 billion in the Magdeburg campus. To begin with, a single factory will be set up with a budget of a few dozen billion euros, roughly half of which will come from the EU. The EU Commission plans to sink at least 30 million euros to consolidate the European silicon sector. Much like the US CHIPS Act, this fund hopes to improve the technological autonomy and independence of the EU.

An official announcement on the same should come next week. A production facility with over 1,000 jobs has already been reported in recent weeks. The investment is said to be in the double-digit billions.


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