Intel Tiger Lake-Y CPU Based on 10nm+ Node Spotted

Intel has been suffering from 14nm chip shortages for a while now. That doesn’t mean that the company has just been sitting in a corner twiddling its thumbs, hoping for its fortunes to change. Team blue has been hard at work on its 10nm chips, namely Ice Lake and its successor Tiger Lake. While technically Ice Lake is a 10nm+ chip (Cannon Lake was 10nm but it never materialized), it’d be safe to consider Tiger Lake as the improved 10nm+ node.

The first wave of Ice Lake chips are already out and about in mobile form factor powering a few select low-power laptops, Tiger Lake is still under wraps. However, we’ve started seeing the very first wave of leaks pertaining to Ice Lake’s successor. Today, we’ve got the Geekbench listing of a quad-core Tiger Lake-Y part.

Don’t frown on the low scores, this is an ultra-low-power Y variant and this is pretty impressive for a handheld tablet-laptop convertible. The base clock of 1.2GHz should increase up to 2.5-3GHz when Turbo Boost kicks in.

The fact that it’s a quad-core part probably means that Intel still hasn’t sorted out the 10nm silicon yields and that will probably continue for a while. The Tiger Lake-Y CPU is paired with LPDDR4X memory which means it’ll launch sometime in 2020, under the Project Athena branding.


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