Intel Tiger Lake-U CPU Scores 4,400 in TimeSpy, 40% Faster than the AMD Ryzen 7 3780U

Intel’s Tiger Lake CPUs are planned for a mid-2020 launch, succeeding Ice Lake in the mobile segment. Like the latter, these chips will be limited to low-power mobile notebooks. Based on the Willow Cove core and the enhanced 10nm++ node, it will be the first Intel product to feature the Gen 12 Xe LP graphics processor. There have been a few leaks pertaining to Tiger Lake but nothing substantial. Today, we have a 3DMark TimeSpy benchmark of a Tiger Lake-U part, and the scores are decent at the very least.

Comparatively, an AMD Ryzen 7 3780U scores 3,100 points in the CPU test and 1,000 in the GPU test. That puts the Intel Tiger Lake part approximately 40% ahead in terms of CPU performance with a 30% faster GPU. This isn’t surprising or overwhelming at the very least. The Ryzen 7 3780U is based on the older Zen+ core which has a notably lower IPC compared to the recently announced Ryzen 4000 “Renoir” APUs.

Ryzen 7 3780UIntel Tiger Lake-U
Base Clock2.3GHz1.20Ghz
Boost Clock4GHz4.30GHz?
Level 2 Cache2 MB5MB
Level 3 Cache4 MB12MB
Cores / Threads4 / 84/8
TDP15 Watt15W
Process12 nm10nm++
GPURadeon RX Vega 11 (11CUs)Gen 12 Xe LP (96EUs)

Going by the specs, it’s no surprise that the Tiger Lake-U chip is a good 40% faster. However, the real test will be to outperform the Renoir parts which feature up to 8 cores and 16 threads, as well as an enhanced Vega GPU. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.



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