Intel Tiger Lake H45 Specs Leak Out: 8 Willow Cove Cores @ up to 5GHz

Intel’s octa-core Tiger Lake H45 processors are slated for launch sometime later this year. Although the company didn’t reveal any official details regarding the high-performance mobile CPUs, details have started seeping out. In a recent post shared by HXL on Twitter, the entire specs sheet of the TGL-H45 lineup was leaked out:

Intel is working on three eight-core Tiger Lake parts, namely the Core i7-11800H, i9-11900H, and the i9-11980HK, plus one hex-core offering, the Core i5-11400H. All three octa-core SKUs have the same exact specs with the exception of the operating clocks which top out at 5GHz (single-core) on the Core i9-11980HK while being limited to just 4.6GHz on the Core i7-11800H. The peak boost clock is achievable across two of the fastest cores while the all-core boost clock is a fair bit lower. The 11800H can reach an 8-core boost of just over 4GHz while the 11980HK manages a decent 4.5GHz across all eight cores.

The base frequency for all four SKUs ranges from 2.4-2.7GHz, with a TDP of 35W (PL1) on all but the flagship which has a base power value of 65W. I reckon the PL2 values of the TGL-H45 chips will be more or less in line with the older octa-core Comet Lake-H parts. The standard memory speed has been upgraded to 3200MT/s for the i7 and the i9s, with the i5 being limited to 2933MT/s. Like the TGL-U parts, the H45 lineup also features the Gen12 Xe integrated graphics processors, although we’re unlikely to see the top-end 96EU GPU in this segment.



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