Intel Tiger Lake-H CPU, Core i7-11370H Spotted: Quad-Core w/ 4.8GHz Boost

One of Intel’s upcoming Tiger Lake-H parts meant for the 45W gaming notebooks has surfaced on Geekbench 5. The CPU in question is the Core i7-11370 which surprisingly happens to be a quad-core part, despite featuring the i7 logo. At present, all H-series i7 chips are either hex-core or octa-core parts.


The cache hierarchy is identical to its Tiger Lake-U counterparts. Even the codename is Tiger Lake-U, indicating that these are basically the same chips with an increased TDP and higher boost clocks. It has a base clock of 3.29GHz and a boost of 4.79GHz, with performance roughly similar to that of the Core i5-1165G7.


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