Intel Tiger Lake (Gen 12 Xe) 3x Faster than 10th Gen Ice Lake, 50% Faster than AMD Renoir in Battlefield V

Ryan Shrout, one of Intel’s PR leads has shared a video of the upcoming Gen 12 Xe graphics in action, and I gotta say, it looks impressive. The 1st Gen Xe graphics to be featured on the 11th Gen Tiger Lake CPUs will pack up to 96EUs and are expected to be a major step up from existing Ice Lake parts. In the footage shared by Shrout, the prototype is running Battlefield V at the high quality preset with roughly 30 FPS on average. That’s almost 3x as fast as Ice Lake and more than four times faster than the Gen9.5 graphics featured on Comet and Coffee Lake:

When compared to AMD’s top-end Renoir parts, Tiger Lake has a lead of roughly 50%. Keep in mind that this is still a prototype and the final product is likely going to be a tad bit more powerful. At the end of the day, however, the performance will vary from laptop to laptop and the thermal solutions employed by the OEM. Keep in mind that while Ice Lake and Renoir U are both 15W chips (stock), Tiger Lake is likely going to be a 28W lineup. So, there’s a good chance that performance will be somewhat varied across OEMs.

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