Intel teases Xe HP GPU die shot with “tens of billions of transistors.”

Intel’s Jim Keller recently tweeted a picture of what looks to be a very large GPU. Raja Koduri retweeted the post and again teased that Intel’s upcoming HP high performance GPU lineup, the so-called “baap of all.”

From what we can see of the chip, Xe HP appears to be massive. And considering the possibility that Intel will deploy a chiplet approach–where performance scales up with blocks of EUs-we might be seeing a graphics part from Intel that doesn’t completely disappoint.

In his repost, Koduri claimed that the chip was meant for “battlefielding and b-floating.” This implies that the chip will be equally performant in graphics workloads and AI/machine learning. The very fact, though, that Koduri touches on the “battlefielding” aspect is telling. What we’ve seen so far of Intel’s new GPU designs has been quite disappointing. The DG1 and Tiger Lake integrated graphics-based on the Xe architecture-deliver performance that’s barely on par with low-profile Pascal parts like the NVIDIA GeForce 1050 Ti.

In a later related post, Koduri indicated that the new GPU sported “tens of billions of transistors.” Judging by the large physical die size, and this statement, this is a strong indication that top-end Xe HP models might be performance competitive with second-gen Navi and the RTX 2080 Ti. We’ll tell you more as soon as we hear.

PS: It’s almost certain that this GPU is for Data Centers considering that uses multiple dies and HBM2 memory. Gamers will likely get a toned down variant with a single die.


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