Intel teases 11th Gen Tiger Lake Processors Based on 10nm+++ Process: Launch Expected in Coming Months

Intel has started promoting its 11th Gen Tiger Lake processors, expected to debut on the sub-30W mobile platform later this year. This particular marketing tactic is rather unorthodox. Intel has started sending a blue planter with two orange lilies (Lilium ‘Tiger’s Roar’) seeds to certain favored reviewers, indicating the impending summer launch of the 11th Gen mobile lineup.

Intel’s 11th Gen Tiger Lake processors will leverage the Willow Cove core fabbed on the third iteration of the 10nm process (10nm+++), along with the Gen12 Xe graphics architecture.

Intel’s 11th Gen Tiger Lake vs AMD Ryzen 4000 (Renoir): Slightly Better Graphics but Notably Worse CPU Performance

From leaks we’ve already seen, Willow Cove will bring around 15-20% better single-threaded performance over Sunny Cove (Ice Lake), thanks to an improved IPC and higher clock speeds. The iGPU is more interesting, with preliminary benchmarks showing twice as much processing power, essentially on par with lower-end discrete GPUs.

Intel’s Gen 12 Xe Integrated Graphics Featured on Tiger Lake to be 2x Faster than Gen11 on Ice Lake, Expected to Beat AMD Renoir Laptops

Intel’s 11th Gen Tiger Lake-U CPUs will Have a TDP of 28W; 10th Gen Ice Lake Was 15W



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