Intel Switches to 8-Core i7-10875H CPUs in Laptops for Lower Prices to Combat AMD Renoir

Lenovo has launched 8 core variants of the 45W 10th Gen Core i7, namely the 10875H for gaming laptops (wait for it) for prices lower than the original hex-core 10750H models. On 24th June, the company announced the Y71000P 2020 8-core i7-10875H based laptops for a launch price of 8299 Yuan. Initially, the 10875H was only available with the top-end Y9000K laptop.

The cherry on the cake is that back in May when the Y7000P was launched with the hex-core i7-10750H, it was priced higher at 8699 Yuan. The newly updated version with the 10875H features the same specs, other than a smaller 512GB NVMe based drive. However, even factoring in the price of the 1TB SSD for the former, the octa-core variant is still cheaper.

Lenovo‚Äôs official Weibo account has explained that Intel is finding it hard to keep up with AMD’s latest Renoir processors which is why this decision was taken.

Lenovo’s marketing lead for China further said that Intel can’t keep up with AMD in the 45W segment and can only respond with price cuts. In case you were wondering, Tiger Lake will only launch in the sub-30W market for 14″ and smaller form factor notebooks.



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