Intel Set to Raise Prices of All CPUs and Motherboards by 10-20% From Next Month [Report]

Intel will be hiking the prices of all its CPU and motherboards by at least 10-20% in the coming months. After a disastrous second-quarter earnings report, the chipmaker plans to make its entire CPU portfolio (and chipsets) pricier in a bid to widen profit margins. This increase is slated to come into effect starting from the fourth quarter of the year.

Intel missed its double-digit targets for both revenue and earnings per share the previous quarter and will need more than just competitive products to return to prominence. The price hikes will affect all current and future Core CPUs and accompanying chipsets. It’s unclear whether the client platform and the data center business will both get a markup in MSRP or just the former.

In addition to CPUs and chipsets, WiFi controllers and other network components from Team Blue will also get a raise. Keep in mind that the 10-20% figure is merely an estimate from OEMs and the final pricing is yet to be determined.

Source: ITHome.


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