Intel Sapphire Rapids-SP Tile (Chiplet) Die Shot Reportedly Spotted w/ 15 Cores: Up to 60 Core SKUs Possible

One of Twitter’s reputed leakers @Raichu has shared the die shot of a Sapphire Rapids-SP tile featuring the EMIB, compute, IMC, and HBM controller. As per the source, each chiplet or tile will feature up to 15 cores with the entire SKU packing a total of four chiplets consisting of a total of 60 (or 56 as noted earlier) cores.

As per images shared on Bilibili, Sapphire Rapids-SP will feature a total of four tiles fabbed on the company’s 10nm Enhanced SuperFin node, along with support for on-die HBM memory, PCIe 5.0, DDR5, and CXL. Similar to Alder Lake, SPR is going to feature the Golden Cove core architecture.

As per Intel’s official roadmap, Sapphire Rapids is slated to launch sometime in early-to-mid 2022. The volume production of the same is going to start in the second half of 2021, with samples to select clients shipping shortly after.


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