Intel Roadmap Indicates that vPro Variants of Alder Lake-S and P will Land in Q1 2022

A roadmap of Intel’s vPro (Enterprise) lineup indicates that the company will be launching its Alder Lake processors for professionals in the first quarter of 2022. The info was leaked by Videocardz a short while back. Keep in mind that the vPro lineup usually launches a few months after the standard retail CPUs which means that the latter should still be on track for a late 2021 launch.

Intel has already stated that the S-grade desktop processors will be launching before the mobile SKUs, so it’s possible that the P-series laptop models will land in early 2022. According to the roadmap, the Alder Lake-S desktop parts will feature up to 16 cores and the Alder Lake-P mobile stack will top out at 14 cores.

This falls in line with what we’ve heard about Intel’s 12th Gen lineup over the last few months. It’s important to note that while the big cores will feature hyper-threading, the little cores won’t As a result, the total thread count won’t always be equal to twice the physical core count. Intel’s greatly diversifying its mobile stack with Alder Lake-P, with plans to roll out six different lineups with varying TDP and market targets.


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