Intel Retains Top Spot as Largest SC Maker; NVIDIA and AMD Grow by 50% & 41%, Respectively

Intel retained its top-rank as the largest semiconductor company, beating Samsung by a rather sizeable 16-17K IC units. The company shipped a total of 73,894 ICs while Samsung was limited to close to 57K chips. Both companies showed minor gains compared to last year, with Intel growing by +4% and Samsung by +9%.


At #3, you have Taiwanese Foundry, TSMC which sold a total of 45K ICs in 2020, an impressive gain of 31% compared to 2019. Following TSMC, you’ve got SK Hynix and Micron with 25.5K and 21.7K shipments this year.

This list also includes fabless chipmakers, with their ranking based on the number of ICs and semiconductor devices sold. NVIDIA is the most impressive player in this segment, increasing its shipments by a whopping 50% compared to 2019. It went from 10.6K units in 19′ to 15.9K this year.

AMD also performed admirably, increasing its total IC shipments by 41%, from 6.7K in 2019 to 9.5K this year. This allowed Team Red to enter the list of the top-15 semiconductor companies while NVIDIA clawed its way to #10.


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