Intel Reportedly Looking for a new CEO to Replace Bob Swan

Intel is reportedly looking for a new CEO to replace Bob Swan, with a decision regarding the same expected in Q1 2021 after the quarterly earnings report. According to Charlie Demerjian, the founder of SemiAccurate, Intel is presently looking at multiple candidates.

There are three candidates that Intel is considering at the moment but as of now, we’ve no info on who these individuals are. Regardless this means that Bob Swan’s reign as the CEO is going to be a short one. Intel has been announcing delay after delay in the last year or so.

Update: Intel CEO Bob Swan to be Replaced by Former CTO and VMWare CEO, Pat Gelsinger

Bob Swan, Intel Chief Financial Officer

To be fair, most of the problems the company is facing right now were cooking way before Swan took over. It’s just that now they’re surfacing. It wouldn’t really be right to lay the blame on him, but the way the industry works, it means that he has more or less failed.

One of the main criticisms when Bob Swan took over as the CEO of Intel last year was that he lacks an engineering background like all prior CEOs including Krzanich. It looks like that, plus all of Intel’s present issues has finally forced the management to take a decision.


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