Intel Reportedly Cancels Rocket Lake-U: 8 Core Tiger Lake-U DDR5 > Alder Lake-P in Pipeline

In a rather startling leak, it turns out that Intel might just have canceled its Rocket Lake-U processor lineup, in favor of a DDR5 version of Tiger Lake-U. It’s unclear whether these newer Tiger Lake chips will feature the same four-core design or shift to an eight-core configuration, but looking at earlier statements from Intel PR, the latter is highly likely.:

We also added a 3MB non-inclusive last-level-cache (LLC) per core slice. A single core workload has access to 12MB of LLC in the 4-core die or up to 24MB in the 8-core die configuration (more detail on 8-core products at a later date).


This leak was shared by 188号 on Twitter. He also claimed that there’s an Alder Lake-P version for the UP segment (15-28W) in the pipeline based on the hybrid core configuration. Here’s the roadmap as per the guy:

Desktop (S): Comet Lake-S > Rocket Lake-S > Alder Lake-S.

Mobile (U): Comet Lake-U> Tiger Lake-U DDR4 > Tiger Lake-U DDR5

Rocket Lake-U which was supposed to launch alongside TGL-U similar to how Comet Lake-U complemented Ice Lake-U. However, it looks like either due to performance or efficiency deficits, it has been scrapped. Keep in mind that this isn’t confirmed and as such, treat it as a rumor.


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