Intel Reportedly Cancels Future Arc Gaming Graphics Cards, Data Center GPUs to Remain [MLID]

Intel has reportedly shelved the entire Arc brand from the consumer market. According to Tom from Moore’s Law is Dead, Alchemist and Battlemage may see the light of the day but Celestial and Druid have been scrapped. These two families were supposed to be the first chiplet or tiled designs from Intel with Battlemage being a monolithic design like Alchemist.

The Arc gaming graphics cards have supposedly been erased from roadmaps but the data center and HPC designs will remain for the time being.

MLID published a similar report a while back but that didn’t confirm whether the decision had been made or not. Now, however, the move to scrape the Arc gaming lineup has (allegedly) been passed. Intel suffered some considerable losses on account of its AXG division last quarter. As such, this decision isn’t much of a surprise. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of effort goes into the driver now that the future is in jeopardy, and how the production and supply of existing Arc Alchemist and Battlemage.


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