Intel Reaffirms Server Roadmap: 10nm Sapphire Rapids Processors in 2021

At the Cowen Virtual Technology Media and Telecom Conference, Intel’s VP for Investor Relations (Trey Campbell) reaffirmed Intel’s commitment to is server roadmap. In a fireside chat meant to stimulate investors, Trey spoke about Intel’s server roadmap. Last year, Intel canceled the single-socket Cooper Lake server lineup with plans to directly drop the 10nm Ice Lake-SP by the end of Q2. This announcement spread like wildfire, feeding speculations that the company’s server roadmap was in jeopardy.

Addressing those concerns, Trey confirmed that Ice Lake-SP was going to launch in the coming months with Sapphire Rapids expected to land in 2021. The latter will be based on the second iteration of the 10nm process, forming part of the Eagle Stream server platform in 2021. Rumors suggest that Sapphire Rapids will support DDR5 memory as well as the PCIe 4 standard with an increased number of lanes to compete with AMD’s Milan chips.

Sapphire Rapids is expected to power the first exascale computer of the United States, Aurora along with the MCM based Ponte Vecchio HPC GPUs from Intel at the Argonne National Laboratory.



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