Intel Q1 Earnings: PC Business Up by 14% ($9.8B); 11th Gen Tiger Lake Chips (10nm++) Coming Mid-2020 Despite COVID-19

Intel today announced its Q1 Earnings, satisfying both stockholders as well as market analysts. The PC business grew by a healthy 14% or $9.8 billion YoY, accounting for half of the total revenue of $19.8B. The Data Center and SSD business were the top winners, with an increase of 43% (or $7B) and 46% ($1.3B), respectively YoY. The total revenue grew by 23% YoY (Compared to Q1 2019) to a whopping $19.8 billion.

Intel’s revenue outlook for Q2 2020 is less rosy. The PC-centric (client computing group) or consumer CPU market is expected to by show little to no growth in Q2 2020 YoY (compared to Q2 2019) while the Data Center business will grow by around 25% YoY, down from 43% in Q1.

As for upcoming products, Intel is promising the 11th Gen Tiger Lake mobile processors by mid-2020 despite the COVID-19 epidemic. Sampling for the 10nm Ice Lake server chips has already begun and they ought to hit the market by the end of the year.


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