Intel May Build a 7nm Fab in Bavaria, Germany

According to the ministry of Bavaria, Germany, the state is holding discussions with Intel about building an advanced (possibly 7nm) fab in the region. This isn’t surprising as Intel’s new CEO, Pat Gelsinger toured Europe earlier this year to look for a possible site to build a cutting-edge chip manufacturing facility to fuel the company’s IDM 2.0 plan. However, there’s no word on the scale of the planned foundry, or what kind of subsidies the Bavarian government is offering Intel to get boots on the ground.

Originally, Intel had stated that it hopes to get close to $10 billion in government subsidies, primarily in the form of tax cuts and investments. We are more likely to see the allocation of land and resources for the foundry at subsidized prices. Economy Minister Hubert Aiwanger has already offered Intel a possible location for building the fab, an abandoned airbase in Penzing-Landsberg near Munich.

I strongly support this. The possible location of a large international semiconductor manufacturer in Bavaria is an outstanding opportunity.

Economy Minister Hubert Aiwanger

Intel’s primary fab in Europe is based out of Ireland and is one of the more mature factories of the chipmaker being in operation since the 1980s. Other possible locations to build a foundry in Europe include Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxemburg.



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