Intel Launches First Xe Graphics Card for Desktops (DG1)

Intel today launched its first Xe desktop graphics card in the form of the DG1, otherwise known as the Iris Xe Max. The same GPU was earlier launch in mobile form factor paired with Tiger Lake-U based notebooks. It’s more or less identical to the iGPU that powers the TGL-U SKUs, with the only difference being a dedicated bus and 4GB of LPDDR4 memory. You can read more about the Xe-LP architecture powering it in this post. However, like the mobile part, the desktop variant is OEM only as well.

Intel has already signed deals with OEMs such as ASUS and Colorful to sell the DG1 as part of their graphics card portfolio. Interestingly, the desktop variant was co-designed with the same partners to make them easy to pair with pre-builds. Intel is only supplying the GPU, and perhaps the memory while the PCB and heatsink will come from the OEM partner.

Weirdly enough, the desktop part is less powerful than the mobile variant, featuring a cut down die with 80EUs out of the total 96 available on the die. The memory is going to be the same with 4GB of LPDDR4 paired with a 128-bit bus. Intel has also confirmed that the cards will ship with up to three display outputs, with ASUS’s card using a mix of HDMI, DisplayPort, and even a DL-DVI-D port.

These desktop “graphics cards” will likely be used in Atom-based and the odd Celeron/Pentium-based systems. There’s no word on the pricing on the availability of these graphics cards at the time of writing.


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