Intel Launches Another 8-Core Mobile CPU: Core i7-10870H

Intel has launched yet another 8 core i7 for the 45W H-series mobile market in the form of the Core i7-10870H. Till now, the Comet Lake-H family had two Core i7 chips, namely the 10750H and the 10875H with six and eight cores, respectively.

The newly released Core i7-10870H is almost identical to the 10875H with the same count core and L3 cache (8 and 16MB). The only difference is with respect to the boost clocks. While the 10870H has a max boost clock of 5GHz, the 10875H boosts 100MHz higher to 5.1GHz.

There’s also a new quad-core part, namely the Core i5-10200H. It’s analogous to the 10300H as the 10870H is to the 10875H. Both feature four cores and hyperthreading, along with 8MB of L3 cache. The only difference is with respect to the boost clock, however, it’s a major one. Where the 10300H boosts up to 4.5GHz, the 10200H is limited to just 4.1GHz. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that the 10200H will basically consist of lower-binned 10300H chips that didn’t hit the spec boost clock.



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