Intel Lakefield Hybrid CPU with Foveros Packaging Technology Leaked

I’m sure you’ve heard about Intel’s Lakefield chip. A hybrid CPU for ultra-low-power notebooks leveraging a big-little design similar to Qualcomm’s. It will be the first product to feature Intel’s Foveros 3D packaging technology with stacked DRAM, CPU/GPU and the base I/O die.

The Lakefield CPU will consist of one high-performance Sunny Cove core and four Tremont cores for less intensive tasks and improved battery life. All five will be fabricated on the 10nm node and have a low TDP of under 15W.

There’s not a whole lot we know about Lakefield other than this. We know that it’ll be introduced sometime in early 2020 for Ultrabooks and Project Athena laptops and will feature the latest 10nm Ice Lake and Gen 11 iGPU. The exact performance figures and pricing are still unknown.

However, today we have a Geekbench 5 benchmark of this chip. The CPU has a mediocre single clock score of 500 and a multi-core score of 1186. This isn’t surprising as Lakefield essentially has just one performance core running at a base clock of 3.11GHz. It is paired with 2GB of DDR4 memory running at an unspecified frequency. There’s no hyper-threading here, not surprising considering the hybrid design. (Ambien)

This is still an early sample, so keep in mind that the clocks and other specifications will change as the chip moves closer towards the final production. We’ll keep you posted.


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