Intel Lakefield Chip with Foveros 3D Packaging Technology Spotted

One of Intel’s most awaited products in 2020 is the Lakefield SoC, the first chip to feature 3D stacking “Foveros” technology. You’re looking at one Sunny Cove core (performance core) and four Tremont cores (low power cores) paired with a Gen11 graphics processor. These are stacked one above the other with the required DRAM and I/O devices. Watch this video for a clearer idea of how Lakefield works:

Creds: WikiChip

Moving to the benchmark, it’s a Userbench score so it’s mostly garbage, but we can still confirm the specs and other board details from the listing:

It appears to be a Samsung notebook and the specs are mostly a mediocre affair. The CPU is labeled as a Core i5-L16G7. It’s a five core chip with a base and boost clock of 1.4GHz and 1.75GHz, respectively. The fact that Userbench detects it as an i5 means that there’s a possibility that the Lakefield parts will launch under the traditional Core i3/i5/i7 nomenclature.

We already know that the display adapter is a Gen11 graphics processor with up to 64 EUs, so nothing new there. Lastly, the memory is a dual-channel Hynix module running at 4267MHz which is pretty damn fast for a notebook. Maybe it’s just used for the engineering sample but means that memory support has been bumped up for Lakefield. Like Ice Lake and Tiger Lake, Lakefield will be built atop Intel’s 10nm++ node and will most likely be announced at Computex in June. We’ll keep you posted.


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