Intel – Italian Gov Talks Over $9 Billion Chip Foundry Intensify, Announcement in Q1 2022

Intel had originally planned to announce its next wave of mega-foundry projects in the US and Europe by the end of 2021, but certain complications forced it to delay the decision to H1 2022. The chipmaker’s Europe fab is expected to be set up in either Germany or Italy, (possibly) with a few R&D facilities in France. The first foundry on-site will be set up with a massive investment of nearly $10 billion. Italy is looking to be the front-runner in this regard, with Reuters reporting that the talks between the two parties are “intensifying”.

Intel plans to invest a sum of over $9 billion in the first foundry project, followed by another $90 billion over the next 8-9 years. If the deal comes through, Italy will become the hub of Intel’s manufacturing operations in Europe. Italy’s neighbors won’t be left empty-handed, with both Germany and France expected to get R&D and/or packaging facilities. These will work in tandem with the mega-fab expected to be built in either Germany or Italy.

At present, Intel’s primary design team is based out of Haifa, Israel, with another major facility in Oregon, US. The foundry modules are spread across Arizona, Ireland, Malaysia, and even Vietnam.

Source: Reuters


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