Intel Installs EUV System in Ireland to Improve 4nm Chip Production

Intel successfully installed its first EUV lithography system at its Irish fab last month. Fab 34, a state-of-the-art foundry located in Ireland is going to bolster the production of the Intel 4 process node. This process technology is set to power the 14th Gen Meteor Lake and Arrow Lake processors. This will be the first foundry in Europe to leverage extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography and the second in the world for Intel.

This EUV lithography system has been manufactured by Dutch manufacturer ASML and is the most complex piece of machinery ever built by humans. It will be the next step of Intel’s Leixlip project in Ireland. A total of 100,000 parts were transported using four Boeing 747 freighters and thirty-five trucks.

The machine extends from the basement to the ceiling and had to be raised another 3 meters for installation. Over 100 ASML employees are presently working to install the system, and a team of Intel employees from Oregon has also moved to Ireland to train the local team. (viagra)

Source: YouTube


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