Intel Ice Lake Xeon-SP Scalable CPUs Spotted

A couple of screenshots of Intel’s upcoming 10nm Ice Lake-SP have been shared on the Bilibili forums. The pics show the back-side (pins) of the new processors as well as the overall die shape:

Ice Lake-SP on the left

Compared to Cascade Lake and Cooper Lake, the Ice Lake die features a completely different pin distribution with notches on the sides (two on each side), and four empty spots (again, two on top and the other two on the lower die). Other than that, the edge marks are radically different. Like Cascade Lake, you’ve two at the bottom, plus an additional one.

There are also J-shaped cuts on the four vertices of the chip as well, something we’ve never seen with Xeons in the past. Unlike Cooper Lake-SP, Ice Lake-SP will be limited to 1S and 2S configurations with each chip featuring a maximum of 28 cores. While both lineups are part of the 3rd Gen Xeon Scalable lineup, the latter will get its own platform, codenamed Whitley while the former will leverage the Cedar Island platform.

Cooper Lake-SP
Cascade Lake-SP



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