Intel Core i9-10900K Beats the AMD FX-9590 to Become the World’s Best x86 Space Heater

In a leaked slide from MSI’s presentation on its 400 series motherboards, the OEM indicated that Intel’s latest flagship CPU, the Comet Lake S 10900K consumes up to 350W when running at an all-core 5.1 GHz turbo, and that it runs at an insane 99 degrees Celsius. The last time a CPU manufacturer fabbed such a ridiculous processor was AMD’s pre-Ryzen last hurrah, the FX 9590. Team Red at least had the wherewithal to ship that harebrained processor with liquid cooling. Intel, instead, appears to have placed the onus for the i9-10900K’s absurd power and temp figures on motherboard and cooling system manufacturers.

It’s important to remember here that these insane temperatures were using MSI’s massively overengineered MEG lineup of 400 series motherboards while alone will set you back a considerable chunk of cash. The way things look, we strongly do not advise trying to run an i9-10900K on lower-end hardware: you’ll either get miserably low clocks thanks to throttling. Or something will blow up. Probably.


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