Intel GPUs Get Another 15% Boost in Gaming on Linux

Intel’s upcoming i915 driver for Linux 6.6 will bring another neat uplift to gaming performance on the Arc A750/A770. Threshold tuning the RPS provided a boost of 10-15% on Intel GPUs in eSports titles. Team Blue has rolled out multiple optimization patches for Linux gamers in the past, each offering similar gains in popular games. Interestingly, this optimization came from a Google Chrome OS engineer rather than an Intel fellow.

Tuning the RPS (Render P-States and Requested Power States) improved gaming performance by up to 15% in Vulkan, 14.5% with OpenGL, and 12.9% with Vulkan. Civilization VI also gets a nice uptick of 11% using OpenGL.

Unfortunately, these gains won’t be passed on to everyone. The mentioned RPS update is only for non-GUC platforms and won’t impact the Arc dGPUs or the Xe-LPG iGPUs. We’re looking at pre-12th Gen integrated graphics here.

In addition to RPS tuning, this patch also brings a bunch of updates for Meteor Lake and fixes for the Arc A-series “Alchemist” family. You see should the changes with Linux 6.6 in the coming weeks.

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Via: Phoronix.

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