Intel Gen12 Xe GPU Spotted with 1,536 Cores and 9.4GB VRAM

Just a few days after the 128CU Intel Xe GPU was spotted on SiSoft, another listing has surfaced, this time a much more powerful part. The part in question appears to a dual-GPU solution, with as many as 192 Execution Units or 1,536 shaders and 9.4GB memory.

Source (Via)

It’s unlikely that we’re looking at an MCM design with just 192 EUs, so this is likely a compute accelerator. It has an operating clock of 1.25GHz, with 2MB of L2 cache and a TDP of just 50W (could be an error). SiSift classifies this as a Tiger Lake-U part, but as of now, we don’t know of any TGU-U SKU with this many GPU cores.

It’s likely that this is the DG2 paired with a Tiger Lake-U CPU, or it might as well just be a test device. There’s too little info to say anything for sure at the moment.


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