Intel Discontinues its 11th Gen Rocket Lake CPUs: Last 14nm Core Family Meets its End

Intel has decided to discontinue the last Core family based on its 14nm process node. Codenamed Rocket Lake-S, the 11th Gen desktop lineup leverages the Cypress Cove core architecture, a backport of the 10nm Sunny Cove design. The SKUs include the Core i9-11900K, 11900KF, 11900, 11900F, 11900T, i7-11700K, 11700KF, 11700, 11700F, 11700T, i5-11600K, 11600KF, 11600, 11600T, 11500, 11500T, 11400, 11400F, and 11400T.

The Xeon W-1300 Workstation Processors based on the 14nm Cypress Cove design will also be discontinued along with the Rocket Lake lineup. These include the Xeon W-1390, W-1390T, W-1370P, W-1370, W-1350P, W-1350, and W-1390P.

Intel’s 11th Gen Rocket Lake offerings will remain available across retailers for most of 2023. Along with RKL-S, all 400 and 500-series chipsets for 10th and 11th Gen processors will be phased out. The chipmaker has advised its partners to place their final orders on the 11th Gen Core chips and Xeon W-1300 parts by August 25th, 2023.

The final shipments of these 14nm processors will conclude by February 23rd, 2024. The only exception is the Xeon E-series embedded processors based on the Rocket Lake architecture that will linger for a while longer.


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